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Sweet Tomato’s Fund Raiser



Join us to support the AniMeals and Dog Food Bank programs. Print this flyer and bring it to Sweet Tomatoes in Clackamas March 7 to 10 from 11 am to 8 pm


Have a great meal and help feed the pets.


Famous Dave’s Fund Raiser

Join   us    for   some    great   food   at   Famous   Dave’s   November   18  and   19.

famous daves

PetSmart Donations.

Friends Involved in Dog Outreach (FIDO) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 2004. Our staff is made up of volunteers who share a love of pets and a desire to help people. FIDO’s main focus is the AniMeals and Dog Food Bank programs that help people in financial need keep their pets at home and out of shelters by providing healthy pet food. We offer help to people in and outside of Clackamas County. Last year we provided over 85,000 pounds of pet food which fed over 485 dogs and 245 cats. Our efforts are ongoing as long as there are hungry pets.


PetSmart believes strongly in the power and influence a community can have and in the positive change that a community can… Continue reading

Join us Cruse at Lew’s this Saturday


Imagine being a senior with no family other than your cat or dog, do you feed the pet or eat yourself? A young family with a serious loss of income, the kids love the dog, but how do you buy dog food? In the last several years no one has had to face either possibility in Clackamas County. F.I.D.O. Has been supplying dog and cat food for the Meals On Wheels program and dog food through the monthly dog food bank. Keeping 100′s of dogs in their homes and out of shelters.

In the past we have asked for food donations, however our expenses (insurance and utilities) have gone up drastically and we don’t have the funds to cover them. Between now and the end of September, F.I.D.O. needs… Continue reading

Rabies & Microchip Clinic

Saturday  August   24   11-3

Kmart  Berry  Hill   Mall   19003  Beaver  Creek  Road

Rabies                                         $10    1 year  vaccine,   3  year  vaccine  if  proof of  current  rabies  provided.

AVID  Microchip                   $30      Includes  lifetime  registration.

Rabies/Microchip                 $35

Dogs  must  be  leashed  and  well  behaved.  Cats  must  be  in  carriers

Oct   12  &13  11-3

Kmart  Berry  Hill   Mall   19003  Beaver  Creek  Road

Rabies                                         $10    1 year  vaccine,   3  year  vaccine  if  proof of  current  rabies  provided.

AVID  Microchip                   $30      Includes … Continue reading

Wichita Pub Fund raiser

FIDO Fund Raiser

Bring this voucher to Wichita Bar & Grill @ 19140 S. Molalla Ave in Oregon City on Sunday July 28th between the hours of 5 & 9 pm and they’ll donate 50% of what you spend to help keep pets in their homes & out of shelters.

Go to for a copy of their menu.


Saving our Shelters – FIDO’s Top Tips

 by  Melissa  Hathaway

The crisis facing America’s shelters is constantly growing, with the number of animals admitted to rescue centers each year now larger than the number of adopters willing to provide an unwanted pet with a second chance. According to figures released by the ASPCA, America’s 5,000 animal shelters receive between 5 million and 7 million companion animals every year – yet between 3 million and 4 million are euthanized due to poor health or a simple lack of resources to care for them. That’s right – 60 per cent of all dogs which enter an animal shelter will never again make it out alive.

While around 50 per cent of these animals are handed in by owners who are too stretched financially or have suffered poor health which does… Continue reading

Eagle Creek Dogs Died for no reason

The   man   in   Eagle  Creek   who  killed  his   dogs   because  he   could  not   care  for   them,   didn’t  know  there   was   help  out  there.    He   didn’t  know  he   could   get   free  dog   food.    Please   help   prevent   this   from   happening   again   by    sharing    our   information   with   those   in  need,   donating  on  line   or  sharing   food  at  one  of  our   drop  off   locations.


&nbsp… Continue reading

Fall For Fido 2012

Click to Buy Advance Tickets $20/person

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Please Help By Donating Today.

Currently the F.I.D.O. Dog Food Bank and AniMeals programs distribute 4,000 to 5,000 Lbs of dry dog food every month.  

Your Help Is Always Welcome, Every Bag Helps!

You can take your dog and cat food donations to any of our 'Drop-Off-Locations' and of course you are always welcome to donate directly to our PayPal account.

FIDO is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, founded in June 2004 by the citizens and business people of Clackamas County, Oregon, who wanted to help ensure a bright future for all dogs in the county by operating the Dog Food Bank and AniMeals as well as supporting the work of Clackamas County Dog Services..

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