Opening in February of 2009,  the FIDO Dog Food Bank  helps financially challenged families keep their dogs at home and out of the shelters,  buy providing dog/puppy food for dog owners in financial need

The Dog food bank is open the 3rd Saturday of the month from 10 am – 1 pm

All applicants MUST fill out the Dog Food Bank application and bring it with them on their first visit.

Dog Food Bank Application

All applicants MUST provide proof of eligibility,  by providing documentation that they are receiving some sort of financial assistance.  Please review the list of acceptable documentation.

  •  The  Award Letter  from one of these programs:   (for instance an Oregon Trail card is not sufficient,  you must provide a copy of the award letter).
    • Food Stamps Program
    • Medicaid
    • Social Security
    • Social Security Disability
    • Or other Public Assistance Program
  • Unemployment Letter stating available benefits.
  • Letter of sponsorship from a church
         NOTE: Federal Poverty Guidelines Apply.

  Dog Food Bank Rules

  • Food distributed is on a First Come First Served basis
  • Limited to 3 dogs per household.
  • No additional pets may be added to the program.
  • Receive food for 6 months, then must take 3 months off
  • May pick up yours and one other families food maximum
  • No smoking while in line.

Cat Food Bank

FIDO  may occassionally have cat food available at the Dog Food Bank,  however,  at this time it is rare.  For assistance feeding a cat contact Cat Adoption Team’s Cat Food Bank  503-925-8903.

FAQ’s for the Dog Food Bank

  • Do dogs have to be spayed/neutered and licensed?
    • You will not be turned away from the dog food bank if you pet is not spayed/neutered  or licensed.   However for the health and safety of your pet we do encourage you to do so.   FIDO  volunteers can provide you with  information on subsidized spay/neuter programs & low-cost Rabies and Microchipping programs.
  • Can I bring my dog with me?  
    • All though we love you pets,  for safety sake we ask that you do not bring your pet to the dog food bank.
  • What do I need to bring with me? 
    • On your first visit you will need to bring proof of eligibility.
    • Bring a box or bag to carry the food in,   it will be packaged in 1 gallon zip lock bags,  so you may have several to carry.
    • Bring a coat or umbrella depending on the weather,  you may have to stand in line for sometime.
  • How can I donate to the Dog Food Bank?
  • Where is the Dog Food Bank located?
    • The Dog Food Bank is located in Oregon City, OR.
      2100 Kaen Road, Oregon City, Oregon  97045
      (971) 678-6940
      For more information  contact us


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